Friday, February 27, 2009

Look At Me- Fear

Fear is not something I usually deal with. However, as of late, Ive been scared to death of myself.
I remember a while back, someone telling me that I was afraid of success. Told me that the reason I stop doing something when I start to make progress, is because I'm afraid of the responsibility that comes along with my success. Of course I brushed it off at the time thinking that what he was saying was ridiculous. But now I wake up with my heart beating fast and a feeling of nervousness in my stomach. I can conclude that my fear of success has turned into the fear of becoming irrelevant if I dont produce.

So now I am here... writing to you, because I dont know what I want anymore... I just know what everyone else wants for me.
She wants me to love her,
Mom wants me to get a job with the city,
My dad wants me to help him
My boys want me to rap,
Other people want me to write
He said I should act
She said I should go back to school.

I just dont know.
Im the main one always saying "dont worry about what other people think" but here I am doing just that...

what if Im afraid of not being good enough... or what if Im just thinking too much..
thats always been one of my problems...

whatever... Thanks for reading

Have a good day Kids

Cool Out

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

Lite X HOPE @ This Past Spliff Reppin for Dilla!

Me and Hope doing our tributes for dilla at the last spliff! I was really emotional... I love Dilla


I guess this was my day....

Julien mad because he scratched his brand new table....

Hope giving suggestions on how to cover it up... Juliens still mad

Two Laptops, 8hrs, a sus ass Cable guy... and the internet STILL wont work! womp

Me being Hungry....

....and Julien Being Julien...

the end...

.::cool out kids::.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


fucking weather report!

where the hell is the sun!?

im the only guy on the beach w/ sun block on my nose and a floaty looking like an idiot!

Cool Out Kids!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Its Time to Break out the Shorts!

Its gona be in the Hi 70's this weekened! Thats what the eF word im talking about!!!

Sometimes i really Love LA!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spiders On Varius Drugs

LMAO.... this is good stuff...

morning KIDDOes!

Rain On My Window

I am put to ease by the slight rain tapping on my second floor window. I'm broke, sick, tired and uninspired.... but I'm at peace. The rain is the only explanation... or it could be the new Blu mixtape im listening too - "Her Favorite Colour" . Ive listened to it at least 5 times through, and I absolutely love it. Im zonin... you should download it...

Peace! I dont have a care in the world right now. The power of music. It rules all. Peace and Love...PEACE AND MUTHA FUCKIN LOVE YALL!

Download Blu(e) - Her Favorite Colo(u)r Mixtape

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday MJ!!!

honor the man... throw some J's on ya feet!

LSU Fans Speak on Government Destroying Projects

"We Dont Want No More Nig**** In The City"

this shit is crazy....

Monday, February 16, 2009

T Pain- On a boat & Snap Ya Fingaz

Download: The Lonely Island ft Tpain - On A Boat

Download: T Pain ft Lil Wayne - Snap YA Fingaz

I dont usually post shit for Download... but this shit is dope! Im a huge Pain fan... this dude makes everything sound hot... I can do without wayne on Snap, but whatever.and yes... the lonely island is a real group! They have an album out...

crazy right?? smh lol

Cool Out

9th grader gets "play raped" in showers at Jupiter H.S. in Flordia

smh... wtf?!


madddd world.

Look At Me

You told me, I could be anything I wanted to be. You gave me that freedom when I was just a little who cried every night in search of what he didn't have. A little boy who was always lost in an wonderland because reality was to harsh. When you said those words, you opened up a whole new world of possibility, chance, risk, and happiness. You told me I could be Peter Pan, and Michael Jordan. You told me I could be an astronaut, dinosaur, a writer, a construction worker, a secret spy a, a circus act. You told me I could be anything in this whole entire world. I was just a little boy.

Now I see that was a lie. Who am I to blame? Maybe myself for believing I could be the next 007. Maybe you should have just given me a list of the things I could be to save me from disappointment.

"You can be whatever you want to be"

Those words haunt me. The little boy has yet to leave, and I am confused. You opened that door, and told me it was okay to be someone else.

I just want to be me.
However, after all these years of trying to be everything else, I don't know who I am.

I doubt you even know who I am.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Will Ferrell Does it ALL!!

Im all about laughter... it cures everything...

"the smile is the curve that sets everything straight"

goodnight Kids....


Nate Robinson?!?!? SAYYY WAAT!?!

i know this is alot of basketball.. but hey...its all star weekend...

PLUS this 5 foot 5 foool NATE ROBINSON jumped over this 7foot fool Dwight Howard in the dunk contest to win it all!!! smh...

here is the courtside view.... be jealous cuh!

Cool Out!

Lead the Charge

yall baffoons know how i feel about The Man.... numero 23! pause...

he always comes with it when it comes to commercials...

i think hes just the greatest at everything!

50 Cent Cartoon #3

"at this point hes just poking his body with a stick"

smh.. daaaaam riick!

and ross dont deserve a womp??? NIGGA PLEASE!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bathroom Prank LMAO

Life is Beautiful

Upset and still Sick!!

Happy Valentines day fools!

Ive beeen sick as hell.... body aches, chest pains, coughs, runny nose, dizziness , migraines .... you name it.. i had it... i THINK im getting better... or maybe it just wishful thinking... whatever

waited so long for Drakes So Far Gone mixtape... just to be disappointed ... now if you know me... you know im a big drake fan... but he let me down w. this one.. smh...

Download and listen for yourself here... Drake- So Far Gone

Monday, February 2, 2009

Fucking Cardinals!!! Womp!!!!

i lost money on the game... but at least i got 2 dope commercials out of it!


Free Dorritos at work

the commercials were ehhhhh... i think all the beer made them funnier than they were... and the halftime show.... bruce springstein?!?!? this is 2009! give me rhianna, even miley cyrus, hell i would haven even liked to see kaneye and his shag!

any body but bruce....

anyway... this was my fridge last night.....

Shouts to Toby for the pic... check him out by clicking the sentence fools!

welp.... tmy gshock is going off... letting me know.. its time to get to work.... so to wrap things up... I had a dope super bowl w/ ppl that i love... and i can almost garuntee... "YOUR SUPERBOWL WASNT RIGHT IF YOU WERENT AT LITES!"

lol.. have a GOOD day kids...

Cool Out!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Legend of the rent was way hardcore!!

FUCKING RENT!! I dont get why i have to pay rent! for what?? the house is just sitting here on land that isnt doing anything! like wtf!!!!! like let me pay a one time fee to live here... and that be it... i dont mind paying utilities, but rent... get the fuck out of here! womp!

Duh Dun Duh Dun Duh Duuuuun!!!

^ my best effort in trying to type out the super bowl music!!

go cardinals cuhz!!

Cool Out

p.s. Be safe Kids!

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