Friday, October 31, 2008

Funny x Truth= WASSSSAP

now im not going to say obama is going to save the world... or mccain is going to end it... but videos like this one make Barak out to be the savior... maybe he is.. maybe he's not.. im not gon' knock him either way... all i know is that on Nov 4th, i hope all you guys are making the decision you want to make, and the one you were told, or conviced to make...

On Nov 4th... Il be in my living room playing 2k9, listening to Great Gig in th Sky, smoking a blunt with my "Bush for President" tshirt on... "why" ..u may ask...

cuz thats what the fuck i want to do!

thanks to everyone who reads this shit.... ... hit me~

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


"And I aint never trust a bitch since she ate that forbidden fruit"

I wouldnt call her a bitch,
because shes not,
but she sure did act like one.

Trust, like her, is only an illusion.

the heart that i have used to love every part of you,
is weary, and no longer beats to the rhythm of you love,
but rather to the melody of your mischef.

Trust, like her, is only an illusion.

your eyes reflect the person, i hate, but cant help to be.
your soul is young,carless, wreckless even. So can I blame you
for following whatever urge over whelms you?
I cant.
But I can blame you for being too ashamed to mention it before you
decide to tell me you love me.

Trust, like her, is only an illusion.

even Eve, came to adam with her sin, after she succeeded in breaking Gods one
you have taken nothing from me, but left me with everything.
Frowns, Tears, Insecurities, Pain, etc...

Trust, like her, is only an illusion.

"and i aint never trust a bitch since she ate that forbidden fruit"

Friday, October 10, 2008

No Homo...

F**k kobe! Piano Beef! Makin Hits? Or Taking hits??? etc

Happy Friday Kids!

Nelly talking Kicks
Jon B come Back!? Piano Beef w/ Robin Thicke?!?! Jon B has 5 albums!?
Jo Jo .... well... just watch
Rich Nigga Shit ...BITCH

have a good friday mu'fu*kas....


HMMM.... Decisions Decisions!?


or both?????



I dont even know who this lady is but......

..... you got me.

shouts to suzie!!!

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